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    Game Jam Streams | 15:00 UTC, 18th & 19th February

    Double XP is now live! Tune in for some 2nd window entertainment while you hit those level goals.

    Oriģinālraksts: https://services.runescape.com/m=news/game-jam-streams--1500-utc-18th--19th-february

    Ieraksts izveidots automātiski.

    • RičardsD

      Dear brothers,
      the time has arrived. The supplies are stocked, the lame excuses to girlfriends and bosses have been made, the energy drinks and frozen pizzas are ready.
      It is on us now. This weekend. This battlefield. Can you feel the thrill?
      I know many of you stood with me before where others have quit. Cowards, you say? I don't blame them. The physical and emotional pain of the long days and short nights got them.. or their parents who shut off the internet, worried of their sons sanity.
      I ask you not to stand for me, but for yourself. I ask you to seize this rare opportunity to reach your goals. I ask you to LOGIN AND NOT LOGOUT AGAIN UNTIL EVERY SINGLE BIT OF YOUR STRENGTH HAS LEFT YOU.
      Fight with me, brothers, this weekend, in the battle of gainz, for on monday, WE DINE IN HELL!
      I'll see you on the other side..