Brivajas pasaules
Black Knight's Fortress 
Cook's Assistant 
Demon Slayer 
Doric's Quest 
Ernest the Chicken 
Goblin Diplomacy 
Pirate's Treasure 
Prince Ali Rescue 
Romeo and Juliet 
Rune Mysteries 
Sheep Shearer 
Shield of Arrav 
The Knight's Sword

A Tail of Two Cats
Clock Tower
Death Plateau
Digsite Quest 
Druidic Ritual
Dwarf Cannon
Eagles' Peak
Elemental Workshop I
Enlightened Journey
Fishing Contest
Gertrude's Cat
Hazeel Cult
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Jungle Potion
Lost City
Lost Tribe
Monk's Friend
Murder Mystery
Observatory Quest
Perils of Ice Mountain
Plague City
Rat Catchers
Sea Slug
Sheep Herder
Shilo Village
Tears of Guthix
The Feud
The Forgettable Tale
The Digsite
The Golem
The Hand in the Sand
Tower of Life
Tribal Totem

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